Friday, March 16, 2012

What I’m Watching: Ringer

Ringer: Season 1, Episode 17 “What We Have Is Worth the Pain” (C+)

Imagine how much easier things on this show would be if any character actually knew the whole truth. There’s so much deception going on that it’s surprising that so few people have actually put together the pieces. I’m most impressed by Solomon, who displayed awesomeness in his defense of Bridget and then revealed that he knew that she wasn’t her sister. He’s a good person to have on her side, even if he didn’t manage to save Andrew’s life when a mysterious gunman fired on Bridget, prompting the Brit to jump in front of the bullet to perform the ultimate noble act. That doesn’t track with all we were trained in this hour to believe about Andrew, and so I guess we have to presume that it was Olivia who ordered the hit. That still doesn’t explain Siobhan’s expressed fear, confirmed in flashback, that Andrew was going to kill her. She’s still not telling Henry the full truth, even when she opened up about Dylan, and sooner or later, that’s going to come back to haunt her. Going to talk to Andrew as Bridget was cruel, and if he’s dead, it’s going to be all for naught. I’m not quite sure why we’re still focused on Juliet and Katherine, since now all that can really happen is that Cash would try to harm Juliet, though it’s all moot now since Andrew is dead or at best incapacitated. Somehow Machado has found himself at the center of this whole mess, and he doesn’t even have the first clue about what’s actually happening.

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