Monday, March 19, 2012

What I’m Watching: Nikita

Nikita: Season 2, Episode 16 “Doublecross” (B-)

The cool thing about this show not having a standard procedural format anymore is that it presents the opportunity for unexpected alliances and subsequent quadruple-crosses. Fortunately, this show isn’t complex enough for it to be too confusing, and therefore it’s easy to keep track of just who sides with whom on a given day. What’s frustrating is when members of Nikita’s ever-growing ragtag band can’t be trusted, as is the case in this hour with Carla, who just needs to go ahead and mess everything up by being in contact with Percy and then getting shot by Birkhoff. That whole mess was rather unfortunate, though I suppose that tech guys like Birkhoff aren’t properly trained in weaponry. Percy is certainly a threat, able to talk down a Division agent that’s about to take him in and manipulate every situation to his advantage. The prisoner exchange adds yet another member to the group, and that’s Ryan, whose intellect should help them to be wiser about their operations and is likely to drive a wedge in between Nikita and Michael, especially in light of recent developments. Sean is an extraordinarily sarcastic bodyguard for Alex, and I’ve grown tired of the special Russian score that plays when they enter Semak’s house. Fortunately, this plotline is proving to be somewhat productive as Sean and Alex discover that Ari does in fact have a mole, and it’s worse than just Amanda. Michael is going to be devastated when he finds out about Cassandra, and things are about to get really messy.

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