Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 2, Episode 10 “A Great Cause” (B+)

Hurricane Monica continues in the worst way of all, as Monica finds the secret stash of money and manages to spend it all without any thought to its significance. Encouraging Ian to enlist without finishing high school is one particular instance of her giving bad advice, and her conversation with Frank in which they identified children by which drugs they were on when they got pregnant was especially disconcerting. Most unfortunate of all is the fact that Fiona was motivated enough to talk herself into a managerial job by citing her raising of her family as experience, thinking that Monica was actually capable of change. Her meltdown at the end of the episode was perhaps her most miserable moment yet, and she’s not going to recover quickly from this horrific disappointment. Ian and Lip breaking into the Milkovich home to plant a gun didn’t end as expected, but it’s good that Ian offered to raise money for Mandy’s abortion. Lip really needs to be much more careful and start considering condoms. Steve’s brilliant plan to bring Marco back wasn’t as smooth as he might have hoped for, and he’s going to be in for a lot of pain if Marco suffocates in the shipping container. Sheila’s hospice patient is not what she might have expected, but she and Jody seem to have a good operation going. Veronica and Kev’s efforts to get pregnant are sweet, and hopefully they won’t be in for a major disappointment with whatever road they choose to go down.

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