Thursday, March 22, 2012

What I’m Watching: Californication

Californication: Season 5, Episode 10 “Perverts & Whores” (B+)

On a show which, essentially, serves as a never-ending cycle of Hank winning Karen back then alienating her again, it’s fun to see the focus shifted in a big way. Charlie taking on Tyler as a client and then getting him the job on “Santa Monica Cop” was unforgivable, and even diving into a pool with all his clothes on isn’t going to make Hank get over it anytime soon. Without Charlie by his side, however, Hank seems just as prone to getting himself into trouble, as evidenced by his chivalrous defense of a prostitute from fervent filmmaker Lars. It’s always a treat to see Judy Greer’s Trixie, who seems to be one of the few people that actually get Hank. Larry seems like a good agent, but he’s nowhere near as entertaining as Charlie. I really don’t see much use for Lizzie, who I’ve never liked, and hopefully her indiscretion with Stu will soon be revealed to Marcy, since Charlie was unexpectedly noble and didn’t tell Marcy that Lizzie cheated on him with Stu. Hank’s near-reconciliation with Karen was a delight, as always, but the mood quickly shifted when Becca got home and was upset because of Tyler. Hank seems equally furious about Tyler going for Kali and him being so stupid as to presume that Samurai Apocalypse won’t kill him once he inevitably finds out. Maybe it won’t be Hank who pays the price for his relationship with Samurai’s number one girl, and instead Tyler takes the brunt of the punishment, ridding this show of a despicable character.

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