Monday, March 19, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Office

The Office: Season 8, Episode 19 “Get the Girl” (B)

Once this show inevitably concludes its run, it’s going to be interesting to look back at its course of events and see how they stack up in the long term. I feel like the trip to Florida and Nellie’s bizarre takeover aren’t going to have that great nostalgic feeling of a Michael Scott Paper Company, and instead are going to feel bumpy and uncertain, as if the writers just didn’t know how to handle things in the aftermath of Michael’s departure from Dunder Mifflin. I’d also posit, as I’m such many others would, that there were far better characters than Nellie featured in last year’s finale that could have been utilized in recurring guest spots. Declaring herself manager since Andy was nowhere to be found was strange and only mildly amusing, and Robert’s indifference to her self-imposed status and excessive handing out of raises and naps was somewhat sensible in terms of his personality but equally infuriating. The Tinkerbell scene was a bit ridiculous, and I much preferred Jim’s horrified reaction to Robert’s presentation of a choice between a nature metaphor or a sexual metaphor. Andy’s trip to Florida was somewhat fun, as we learned about another unfortunate cooking habit of Erin’s, which is to reuse the water in which she boils hot dogs. I liked the way he summed up their relationship – “I’m sorry that we have not loved each other at the same time” – and I’m glad that they’re back together. I wonder whether we’ll see anything of Andy’s breakup or if Jessica will be as absent during that stage of their relationship as she’s been during the whole thing.

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