Thursday, March 15, 2012

What I’m Watching: Californication

Californication: Season 5, Episode 9 “At the Movies” (B+)

It really sucks to be Hank sometimes. Laziness aside, Hank does work hard and is brilliant, and to see him lose a job to his daughter’s boyfriend, now represented by Charlie, is a shame. Allowing the film’s lead actress to entertain him was probably a bad idea, and there’s nothing quite like being dangled off a railing to make you think twice about an encounter of their sort. We can only hope that Samurai Apocalypse never learns of his indiscretion with Kali. Charlie, as usual, is completely not in control of his life, letting other people tell him to do stupid things and then eating out of their hands. He did manage to stick up for himself after Tyler, now officially a jerk again, told him he wasn’t going to hire him as his agent after he forced him to get shamed by the intimidating man in the bar. Charlie is also being manipulated and used by Lizzie, who wants a role in “Santa Monica Cop.” Silly man as he may be, he doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. Despite the episode’s events, Hank appears to have fallen back into favor with the main women in his life, which is a silver lining for the now-unemployed writer. Being on Becca and Karen’s good sides is worth a trip to the movies, an industry Hank could really do without at this point. It would be interesting – and fantastic – if things worked out and Hank managed, against all odds, to reestablish his little family.

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