Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I’m Watching: House of Lies

House of Lies: Season 1, Episode 8 “Veritas” (B+)

We’re still just getting to know our main characters, and now we’re hit with an onslaught of new faces who are essentially supposed to be the future versions of them. What’s most interesting is that each member of the team gravitates towards the person most like him or her, making for some truly feisty and highly watchable confrontations. It makes sense that Marty would fear for the security of his job, but cozying up to the black guy and then ensuring his certain demise has netted him another surefire stress: he’ll now be going to work for Monica. Jeannie’s fierce interrogation of Beth was harsh, and, like Jeannie, I was shocked to hear her utter an impressive and intelligent reply. The fact that Clyde helped Beth with the answer says something about his relationship with Jeannie, even if it was simply designed to help him bed Beth. As usual, Doug can’t help but embarrass himself, though he did do a bang-up job of introducing the magician to Currie Graham’s hotshot, winning the bet with Clyde in the course of losing his pride. Skip’s explicit conversation with Marty right before he boarded his helicopter didn’t signal good things, and I’m eager to see how Marty goes about taking down Skip and making more enemies in the process. The revelation that Jeannie is sleeping with the Rainmaker does complicate matters, and one has to hope that Marty doesn’t continue to undervalue his number two, lest she make his destruction all but certain through her newly gained influence.

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