Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Round Two: Easy

Easy: Season 1, Episode 2 “Vegan Cinderella” (B+)

This show is strange since every episode is going to feel like a fresh start, but that also means that there’s plenty of potential at the beginning of each half-hour. This installment opened with a whole lot of passionate scene, defined most explicitly by the removal of each piece of clothing. I’m not familiar with either Kiersey Clemons or Jacqueline Toboni, but I think they were a great pair as Chase and Jo, respectively. Chase asking for bacon and eggs was an awkward introduction to Jo being a vegan, and I enjoyed their ensuing conversation about how Jo could easily turn Chase into a vegan. Chase’s decision to tell stories about tossing an dkilling frogs was puzzling, and she also came close to alienating her friend Amber by suddenly being a vegan when they met for dinner. Telling the kids that she was babysitting that their food’s mother was raped was another questionable move, and fortunately her pepperoni pizza binge led to a healthy and sweet moment with Jo where she was able to really be herself again. Ending the episode with Jo meeting all of Chase’s friends was wonderful, and I’m curious if based on the nature of this show, we’ll get to see these two again since I’d be much more interested in revisiting them than the still-strong two characters we met in the first episode. This second episode has me firmly on board for the rest of this show, especially because I do know a number of the actors on the list to appear in later episodes.

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