Monday, October 3, 2016

What I’m Watching: You’re the Worst

You’re the Worst: Season 3, Episode 5 “Twenty-Two” (B+)

This show’s dramatic gut punch is its secret weapon. This season has been great because of the extreme, mean-spirited comedy its two protagonists live their lives by, and in this episode we got to revisit some of those moments through a very different lens. Gretchen’s depression was the most serious threat this show has covered up until now, and Edgar’s PTSD has mostly been a punchline at best and something Jimmy has truly obliterated and mocked at worst. This episode gave him some legitimacy as we saw the breakfast scene from his perspective and the constant paranoia that he experiences almost constantly. Being a little too excited and rough with Dorothy was an important warning sign, and her asking him to try for her was an affirming reminder that she still is in the picture even if she hasn’t been around all that much lately. Getting offered virtual reality training at the VA was a positive and potentially productive development, but being told that he can’t do it because he’s off his meds sent him reeling. Having him find the paper boat and then star in the weirdest student silent film ever was a nice uptick, and nothing compared to the gratifying and truly healthy experience he had bonding with the tow truck driver over shared PTSD. The look on his face while he was riding in his car in the bed of the tow truck encapsulated true happiness. It’s nice to see Edgar as the hero for once, and Jimmy and Gretchen seem all the more like villains when they do things like have sex in the back of Edgar’s car, not even acknowledging that he’s there.

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