Sunday, April 8, 2018

Round Two: Alex, Inc.

Alex, Inc: Season 1, Episode 2 “The Wax Museum” (B-)

This episode had an important distinction to make, one which affects how this show should be perceived going forward. Either it was going to be a fresh series about someone making it in the podcasting world, or it was going to be Zach Braff being Zach Braff. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, since it is entertaining, the latter choice makes this show slightly less appealing if only for its lack of originality. Alex having to mediate fighting between Deirdre and Eddie is one thing, but trying to prove that the chair that naturally leans forward actually works fine only to be ejected onto the floor twice emphasizes physical comedy over more depth that’s lacking here. His first idea should have been to have the two meetings together to impress them in one fell swoop, and his lamentable attempt to run between the two while lying through his teeth was a waste of time. Signs like “no arguing in the common areas” take the initial joke of “no podcasting in kitchen area” too far, making it hard to take this show seriously. There is a surprising lack of consequences for anything that he does, namely because his loyal wife is going to step in at every turn before Soraya leaves him a precocious note for when he gets home late. Rooni convincing Ben to dress up as Eleanor Roosevelt was creative, and it was winning most for the way in which it embraced Ben’s unique sensibilities. I’m not sure I need to be watching this show, but I could give it a few more episodes if my wife continues to enjoy it.

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