Friday, April 27, 2018

What I’m Watching: Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley: Season 5, Episode 5 “Facial Recognition” (B)

It’s weird to see an android that looks human on a show like this and remember that this isn’t science fiction, making Gilfoyle’s prediction that the robot overlords are going to rise up hardly likely to come true. Leave it to Richard to talk to her when he wasn’t supposed to and then end up nearly having the network implode, but we’ll mark this one as a win since he exposed another human’s tampering and destructive influence on the network rather than a flaw in his own company. I didn’t feel that all of the time spent on the inappropriate relationship with the AI was worthy of such screen time, and far more enjoyed Richard being way too honest with the kids he went to go speak to in Jared’s stead. Jared was on a high when his manure story turned out to be a real winner, but naturally that lasted just a short time until he undid his success with some attempted facial improvements that made him the opposite of camera-ready. Gavin has to be one of the most impulsive characters on television, deciding that he may as well throw in the hotel with the new box and open up an ice cream shop, and it was very entertaining to hear him list all of the billionaires who had established residences and legacies in cities that he now didn’t want to move to. With Denpok back on board, Gavin may well be headed in the right direction for the moment, penis signature and all.

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