Saturday, April 14, 2018

What I’m Watching: Legion

Legion: Season 2, Episode 2 “Chapter 10” (B)

This episode felt similar to the premiere for me – immensely intriguing but still dragged down a bit by its unapologetic weirdness. What is most interesting is the way in which Aubrey Plaza’s Lenny is figuring in to the storyline now that Amahl Farouk is a person with a body, even if it’s only within Oliver and David’s heads. Oliver told David that his associate was “who she needs to be at this moment” when he questioned her continued appearance given that he knew who she really was, and she made a case to Farouk that she was truly bored and wanted him to help her get a new body, a request that he pretty much denied. It’s fascinating to think that she’s not such a villain and just an accomplice, one who has outlived her purpose and wants to do something more fulfilling with her non-corporeal life. The cool titles sequence in the crystal ball led to Farouk bending the space around him in an equally mesmerizing way, touching the screen and erasing the scene he had created from existence. Battling against David with both of them in wrestling gear was an unexpected sight, and David was creative enough to combat his samurai with a tank. I forgot to mention how weird the new boss and his mustachioed female robot assistants were last week, and that shows no signs of getting any more normative. The newest musical number at least felt a bit more appropriate as Oliver and Lenny sang as they broke in to the compound. Kerry getting the chance to live on the outside of Cary’s body was interesting after Oliver caused their form to change, and their dynamic continues to be one of the best assets of the show. Syd’s questions about her future self were simplistic but informative, since David didn’t bother to address any of them, which nonetheless compelled Syd to suggest that he trust her.

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