Saturday, April 14, 2018

What I’m Watching: New Girl (Season Premiere)

New Girl: Season 7, Episode 1 “About Three Years Later” (B-)

Raise your hand if you forgot this was still on! That’s likely because season six concluded last April, and it wasn’t clear whether it would return for a seventh and presumably final season at that point. The question now is if we needed to go beyond that romantic ending of Jess and Nick making out in the elevator after missing each other outside and in the apartment. The answer thus far is that we didn’t. It’s not that it’s awful, merely that it just didn’t need to exist. Nick did have a great proposal planned for Jess that she would have loved, but other factors, namely their former roommates, got in the way, and now it’s going to be delayed inevitably. It shouldn’t be such a big deal since the others have all coupled off, with Schmidt and Cece now raising a three-year-old and Winston and Aly preparing to have a baby of their own. Jess and Nick getting engaged is now just an inevitability, so why drag it out, especially when Jess’ dad is so excited? I’m also not sure why Dermot Mulroney’s Russell is back to offer Jess a dream job since that’s certainly going to throw Nick off even if his relationship with his ex-girlfriend stays completely professional. Schmidt’s mustache plotline was a waste, while Aly wanting to be treated normally before realizing that she is indeed giving birth to a human life was more worthwhile. I’m not sure what’s going to come of this eviction notice, but, even if this show isn’t anywhere near as great as it once was, I’ll stick around for the final eight episodes.

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