Monday, April 23, 2018

Round Two: Lost in Space

Lost in Space: Season 1, Episode 2 “Diamonds in the Sky” (B+)

Consider me impressed. This second installment delivered the same thrill as the first episode, making it seem like our main characters were actually in sincere danger and might not make it out. It’s evident that the family members won’t perish so early on in this show’s run if ever, and therefore it’s particularly commendable that this show can raise the stakes high enough to make it suspenseful. Setting a show on a planet with only a few people inhabiting it means you don’t have the luxury of red shirts to send off on away missions to die while the important series regulars remain immune. After Judy survived her ordeal under the ice, it was great to see Penny spring into action and go off to save her family despite not having too much experience with the rover. Bringing the Oreos along with her was a nice touch, and I like that Maureen was happy to see that as soon as they were reunited. Dr. Smith, or at least the woman pretending to be Dr. Smith, did a masterful job of manipulating Don into buying all of her lies and then setting her up to be rescued while he was nowhere to be found. I’m not usually fond of fill-in flashbacks that show how things we didn’t realize were happening actually were, but it worked well enough here. The fact that the robot made her scared is the one positive sign that its presence may force her to behave, because something tells me she’s going to do anything possible to get ahead at the expense of anyone in her way.

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