Monday, April 16, 2018

What I’m Watching: Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete: Season 2, Episode 6 “11 Million Reasons You Can't Go Home Again” (B+)

It would be have been irresponsible to assume that Maggie’s return after so much time away would be without awkwardness. Otto was so overjoyed to see her, while Audrey had considerably more complicated feelings. Maggie telling Audrey that she forgave her was a tense scene, and Carly being obnoxious after drinking too much didn’t help matters at all. Taylor telling his aunt that he didn’t want her causing any trouble was a particularly strong moment since we don’t often see that fiercely protective side of him except when he confronts Marius. It seemed like Joyce was onto Taylor and his collusion with his grandmother, but she seems much more interested in bolstering his ego and flirting with him. As Julia gets more and more money to have to launder, the heat is much more on her alleged cousin and her aunt, who are in the crosshairs of the FBI as their criminal pursuers get closer to them. It would be great if Marius revealed that he did wear a wire and therefore caught Luca’s murderous act on camera to convict him, but I can’t imagine things will be that easy, especially considering the fact that we have four more episodes left this season. I knew that Luca looked familiar, but I didn’t think that he was John Ales, who I remember best as Rehab on “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll.” His affinity for coffee was introduced early on in the episode, and Joe being the only one to share it turned out to be his downfall, as he received a violent and scorching face full of his latest brew shortly before being executed. The real Pete is going to have no idea what’s coming for him, and let’s hope the other Murphys don’t suffer in the process.

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