Friday, April 13, 2018

Take Three: Splitting Up Together

Splitting Up Together: Season 1, Episode 3 “Street Meat” (B-)

This episode got away from the theme of having one parent in charge of the week, mainly because Lena allowed Maya a crack at taking care of the children that she started to think she might want to have. I’m all for giving Diane Farr as much as possible to do since I think she’s a tremendous actress who deserves a much bigger spotlight than a supporting role on this show. She did her best to be the fun parent despite Mae’s constant judgments of her, and then she ended up being happy with how things turned out even if they seemed questionable in the moment. Mason’s Uber date complete with different sexual milestones being offered based on the class of service requested represents the most up-to-date technological humor I’ve ever seen, though I find it hard to believe that these kids would be so well-versed in the different kinds of rides they could take with their parents’ permission. It should have been obvious to Charlotte that Martin was only learning how to dance so that he could woo his ex-wife, and his failure to notice that she was into him was strictly because of that. Unfortunately, her mistaken belief that he was already dating led to Lena opening up to a new guy with a very atypical romp in his car right in front of the house, devastating Martin, who has now missed his chance with a woman who was actually in to him. I’m not feeling so much like I need to catch episode four and beyond, but I may still opt to tune in.

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