Sunday, April 29, 2018

What I’m Watching: Good Girls

Good Girls: Season 1, Episode 9 “Summer of the Shark” (B+)

There’s just one episode left in this season and NBC has yet to renew or cancel this show, making what happens in the finale very important since it could well be the last we see of these characters. Pressed with the decision of whether to sentence the guy who stole Beth’s car to certain execution by Rio, they made the choice not to do it only to learn that Rio knew all along. That scene where Beth was about to be pulled over and was explaining how Annie and Ruby would need to take care of her cars was extremely intense, and there’s no denying that Christina Hendricks, who I had the opportunity to see in another great role in a Tribeca film called “Egg” last week, is the best performer on this show. She did get stopped but didn’t have anything, but her angry visit to Rio was enough to get them banned from working with him for good, cutting off their lifeline and connection to cash. Ruby getting Stan high in order to pry case information from him was creative if a bit risky, and she seemed ready to read him in on everything right before they got the call that their daughter is next on the list. Annie calling Sadie eleven times and getting caught off on the voicemail over and over again was far from a high point, but of these three, she’s doing the best. It’s hard to understand what Leslie’s endgame with Mary Pat, and the crazy thing is that, even if he’s pretending, the two of them could actually get along well and be good for each other. Hopefully their joint seediness will help cancel them cancel each other out as threats, and maybe it will be the only way out of whatever this crazy plan is to take down Rio.

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