Tuesday, April 10, 2018

What I’m Watching: Timeless

Timeless: Season 2, Episode 4 “The Salem Witch Hunt” (B)

Jessica’s sudden return meant that Wyatt was fully out of commission for this episode, but he did exactly what a person should do when their dead wife is brought back to life thanks a time machine: tell her everything. He was distraught that this version of him had allowed things to get to the point that she had signed divorce papers, and she wasn’t at all ready to believe any of what he told her. Seeing the lifeboat return with its crew dressed in pilgrim clothing was enough, and now I guess he’s going to devote himself to trying to spend time with her for as long as she sticks around. It appears that Carol may have been the one who brought her back rather than a Rittenhouse mission meant to distract the team, since this entire Salem expedition was all a device to allow her to convince Lucy to help save herself from Nicholas’ decisive orders to have her taken out. There are so many different theories of time travel, and this episode employed two things it hasn’t featured all that much before. Upon returning to the present, Gia knew of the Salem Witch Trials as the Salem Witch Revolt and wasn’t familiar with the term “witch hunt,” and Gia’s vision about Rufus killing the pilgrim didn’t play out as she had seen it but did find the timeline correcting itself to ensure his death. On the acting side of things, I recognized familiar guest stars Henri Lubatti from “Sleeper Cell” and Patrick Fischler from “Mad Men” mostly by their voices as pilgrims not fated for greatness.

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