Thursday, April 12, 2018

What I’m Watching: iZombie

iZombie: Season 4, Episode 6 “My Really Fair Lady” (B+)

I was pretty thrilled to see a familiar face from another CW series at the start of this episode, though sadly she didn’t make it past the opening scene, even if her theatrical inclinations did. Rachel Bloom from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” was a fun choice to play the director of a version of “Rent” adapted for the new zombie reality, and watching Liv motivate her trafficker minions with some acting lessons was a delight. Every show with a foreign performer playing an American role loves to gives its star the opportunity to use their native accent, and it really was jarring to hear Rose McIver sound like she does in real life, latching on to the “Lord of the Rings” New Zealand idea in order to keep the security guard distracted. Though it’s not a major role, I was happy to see Melissa O’Neil from “Dark Matter” as one of the traffickers who was initially not too keen on Liv’s leadership style but then got into the role-playing when they got stopped driving in and she recited the lines right off the script. Liv scratching the people they rescued on camera was intense, and shows her fearless commitment to helping to save lives despite the risks involved. After cruelly turning away a hungry zombie, Blaine now has a much bigger problem on his hands, to the tune of a free lunch for everyone in his father’s church once a week. Though Ravi’s heroin addict phase was a bit over-the-top, I’m so glad to see that it produced a wonderful result that I’ve been hoping for all along: the rekindling of the relationship between Peyton and Ravi!

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