Friday, April 20, 2018

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 7, Episode 2 “Tuesday Meeting” (B-)

It’s hard to take this show seriously at this point, but this show continues to give me at least one or two audible laughs each episode. Nick’s wildly successful Pepperwood career has never made all that much sense, and it tracks that he doesn’t have a lot of other ideas. Schmidt and Winston feeding him lines from Mao for inspiration might have been a decent plan if he didn’t just go ahead and submit it directly, which prompted his editor, played by Brian Huskey from “People of Earth” and “Veep,” to react in a less-than-pleased manner. Trying to get Ruth to sleep proved to be difficult, and that’s a plotline that’s already wearing a bit thin. It worked better for Cece, who kept herself awake with an odd combination of wine and coffee, prompting her to egg Jess on to participate in the Tuesday meeting that she had been shut out of all her life. It did turn out that she didn’t belong at the divorced fathers meeting, but a data entry desk job was never going to be what she wanted. This episode doesn’t provide any stronger argument than last week for this show coming back for one final round, since it continues to be as wacky as ever, with Winston, Jess, and Nick singing Cece and Schmidt to sleep with a horribly unmelodic medley, something that’s not nearly as entertaining as this show seems to think. I’m still on board for a mildly amusing ride, but I’m not expecting all that much.

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