Monday, April 9, 2018

What I’m Watching: Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete: Season 2, Episode 5 “The Tower” (B+)

This show continues to astound me with the directions its plot takes and just how expertly Marius gets everyone in his life to work together to help him even though they have no idea who he really is. The reverend holding a gun on Marius and Joe didn’t matter much since she fell asleep, and her referencing his brother’s toe was one of just a few signs that tipped Joe off to the fact that the man he believes is Pete really isn’t. I enjoyed the conversation between Joe and Frank about how they used to like what they were doing and how they had to come up with a plan to avoid being put into acid. Marius found a perfect way to weasel out of Joe’s custody with Marjorie’s help, getting his trusty parole officer James Bagwell to come and pick him up. He didn’t expect Joe to go to him later, a pretty bold move for the criminal henchman, and he also wasn’t necessarily ready to bring him to meet the fake daughter and dog he concocted. It was great to see Julia spring into action to pretend to be the “wrecked” ex-wife and convince Bagwell that it was too much of a headache to stick around. The problem is that too many Murphy family members know the name Marius Josipovic. Taylor tried to throw Joyce off by happening to notice that his grandmother’s car was the same model they were looking for, but she’s definitely onto them and isn’t likely to give up pursuing it anytime soon. In a rare moment of strength, Otto did a great job intimidating the man in possession of the jacket, and with Sam’s help, he was able to get out of his bind and move on to telling Carly move than she ever thought she’d learn about her parents. Maggie showing up at the end of the episode at the family farm and hugging Marius as Pete was a magnificent cliffhanger to end on – I can’t wait for the next episode!

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