Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What I’m Watching: Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley: Season 5, Episode 4 “Tech Evangelist” (B+)

I cringed when Richard spent so much time trying to show that he had no issue with DeeDee’s site being exclusively for gay people, and I couldn’t have predicted that it would be his closeted status as a Christian that would be the undoing of their partnership. As poor a name as Octipipers is, the people that make up the group actually represent a big win for Pied Piper, which is poised to make a great debut the day before the release of the new Box. Laurie having an unexpected connection to someone at a top company through medically-supervised MDMA was odd but helpful, and crazy as their CEO may be, he’s now officially on board. I couldn’t figure out where I knew Colin from, and I was delighted to learn that Neil Casey played Sam Adams on the criminally-underrated and sadly-cancelled “Making History.” Gavin going off the grid with a cryptic message about the bear and the honey drove his minions crazy, and naturally it was just a literal statement about the bear-shaped jar of honey. It took Gilfoyle little time to find out that Jeff was the mole, and I love that they’re punishing him by making him spend time doing things he really doesn’t want to do with Dinesh. I thought that DeeDee had gone to Gavin after being offended by Richard, but instead he went to someone much worse: Jian Yang. Bighead actually owning Erlich’s stake was a great win by Jared, but now they’ll have to contend with Jian Yang’s Chinese New Pied Piper, which could prove to be a problematic competitor.

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