Friday, April 6, 2018

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 3, Episode 17 “Guest Starring John Noble” (B+)

It seems absurd to give such a silly episode a good rating, but I found it to be enjoyable, and it worked. The good news is that this penultimate episode of the season is only just that, since this show was renewed earlier this week by the CW for season four, which is very exciting. This show has always had fun with history, but this is the first time it got a little bit political. Grodd going after Barack Obama in 1979 with the catchphrase “Time to make America Grodd again” was pretty hilarious, and I love that Sara went to her good bud Barry for advice about what to do with Dahrk before telling him how much she missed him. Inserting John Noble into the plotline since he conveniently sounded exactly like Mallus’ voice was a bizarre breaking of the fourth wall with so many layers, but Ray had fun and somehow this show made it work as it always does. Nate realizing that the older Amaya didn’t remember him was an important development, and somehow I imagine they can find a loophole to allow her to grow old with him and return to Zambesi as she’s destined to. Dahrk coming to the legends for help trying to get his daughter back did seem too good to be true, and his reason for betraying them was out of love for Nora, who’s clearly gone and has now transformed into a winged demon creature who’s going to hopefully be taken down by an epic battle next episode.

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