Friday, April 13, 2018

Take Three: Roseanne

Roseanne: Season 10, Episode 4 “Eggs Over, Not Easy” (B)

This show really knows what it wants to be, and after dealing with one problematic grandchild last week, now the focus is on the child we didn’t see in that episode. I had expected that Becky having a baby for Andrea would be a plotline carried throughout the entire season and perhaps beyond, but that dream was derailed pretty quickly. Roseanne didn’t need to call Andrea and tell her that Becky had lied about her age since that very fact made her ineligible to have the baby, prompting Andrea to awkwardly say goodbye and demand her expensive bedazzled egg back. While the first instinct of every member of this extended family is to list a person’s flaws for as long as they can until they’re interrupted, they’re also capable of some affirming interaction as well. Darlene had a few drinks with her sister, and Roseanne honestly admitted that she sometimes forgets that there are other people who apparently want stuff too. After everyone piled on Jackie and how she was the perfect person to get a dog because she had no life and no one to love her, she expressed some of her true individuality by training her dog to be an independent thinker, an excuse Dan realized meant that he didn’t listen to any of her commands. Dan realizing that he had upset Roseanne when he told her to drop it produced a humorous response when he requested something for lunch that had been prepared and sealed somewhere else.

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