Friday, April 20, 2018

What I’m Watching: Legion

Legion: Season 2, Episode 3 “Chapter 11” (B)

Now this was a trippy episode that felt a bit like a horror movie. The contagious cheerleader tic opener was weird enough, and then things got even stranger when David had to go into the minds of most of the lead characters in order to break them from the chattering trance the monk put them all into. Seeing Farouk dies and his body transported to the monastery indicates that locating it really won’t be all that difficult, but if even the monk is willing to die so that he’s not involved, how can this possibly end well for anyone else? When he was trying to convince David that he was a king dethroned by a white man – David’s father – he made a good point, which is that he’s trying to do something for Future Syd, who will inherently seek to exist if he succeeds in the mission that she’s given him. Lenny begging for David to talk to Farouk or put her out of misery shows just how desperately bored she is, and I’m curious if she’ll be able to rebel against him in some helpful way (probably not). Cary training Kerry how to eat food for himself and then process it out was entertaining, which made Cary’s horrified discovery of a chattering Kerry in the hallway all the more devastating. At least there shouldn’t be any permanent damage from all this, but I’m assuming that Syd’s mind is not going to be a picnic given her intense powers and the fact that she spent some of the episode telepathically chatting with David while inhabiting the body of a cat. Ptonomy’s subconscious desire to be able to forget was fascinating, and that quiet scene was far less eerie than Melanie’s monstrous maze which David quickly lost patience for while they were trying to locate her within it. David wearing priest’s robes while walking past hanging priests on his way into the monastery was freaking, and here’s hoping we can get back to some sense of normalcy, or whatever that means for this show, soon.

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