Sunday, April 29, 2018

What I’m Watching: iZombie

iZombie: Season 4, Episode 8 “Chivalry is Dead” (B)

I wasn’t overly fond of how Liv was acting throughout this episode. Rose McIver’s performance and accent work deserves unending commendation, especially since she, unlike many of the larpers, never broke character for the entirety of the hour and still managed to communicate what she was trying to speak in the style of the dialogue. But it felt like a lot, and we never got to see what would have been infinitely more enticing: Clive getting into the spirit of it after initially thinking that it was a laughable notion. Things did definitely get relatable for Clive when it came to human-zombie relationships, and it’s obviously remained just as difficult for him to be okay with the arrangement he and Dale currently have. Major’s befriending operation isn’t going all that smoothly, and his new pal is certainly volatile. Stacey Boss’ return provided Blaine with a rare opportunity to make nice with his father and take advantage of his legion of followers to achieve a shared benefit – the location of Boss’ money and brains to feed Angus’ hungry flock. Peyton managed to get that money just in time, and she’s made clear what her allegiances are after she caught Liv printing up the fake zombie identification cards. You’d think bringing a big bag of money to a meet without having been vetted first does the opposite of automatically clearing you, but at least we the audience know that she’s on the right side of the fight. Liv not being able to turn the latest refugee into a zombie is very puzzling, begging the question of whether some new evolution is preventing it, if she can only turn a limited number of people, or if something far more worrisome is getting in the way.

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