Sunday, April 15, 2018

Take Three: Alex, Inc.

Alex, Inc: Season 1, Episode 3 “The Butterfly Pavilion” (B-)

I’ll admit that this show is decently entertaining, but it feels very juvenile most of the time when it should feel cutting-edge. Some of it’s also just so random, like Eddie, who always thinks he knows what’s best for his cousin, making bus bench ads that make Alex look like a construction worker. Building a booth in the middle of the communal space was equally egg-headed since it meant that they were going to have to pay for the extra space used, and of course it was all just a lead-up to Alex overhearing, thanks to his loyal stalker-producer Deirdre, that Eddie just wanted him to be impressed by him for once. Turning the booth into a music recording studio so that the extra rent would go away was clever, and things appear to be looking up once again for this team. Alex wanting to make his own decisions so badly that he ate a rotten sandwich just to prove the point was ridiculous, but the scene was mildly funny. His son finding a guitar and suddenly being incredible at playing it thanks to a YouTube video was a stretch, and I suppose it’s sweet that he wants to score his father’s podcast. The running joke on this show is that Rooni isn’t the parent that either of her kids look to as reliable, and chaperoning a trip while working and stepping on the butterfly did little to help. Even though she was convicted by the jury of much younger non-peers, getting to teach them a bit about the law seemed like a rewarding opportunity for her.

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