Thursday, April 5, 2018

What I’m Watching: Counterpart (Season Finale)

Counterpart: Season 1, Episode 10 “No Man’s Land, Part Two” (B+)

I can’t believe we haven’t heard whether a second season of this spectacular show has been commissioned just yet. This is the series that I’m going to be recommending to anyone who asks me for a great show to watch in the near future. For all of the direct conversations that we see happening between the two sides, or at least that we had seen before the doors were officially closed, it feels so antiquated and almost supernatural to have them talking through an interpreter of sorts listening to instructions from an unseen superior. Peter really won out in all of this, being treated as authoritative and put in charge while he moves ahead working with Clare so that they can help each other stay alive and away from suspicion. After he decided not to leave, their Howard made an important decision to ally himself with Baldwin, who disposed of Aldrich, and create a surprising alliance with Peter that involves him covering for Clare’s actions so that he can keep Emily safe. It’s so fascinating to see how their Howard has embraced our Howard’s life, while ours went to Pope just to try to get himself back home somehow, only to save his own life before Ian had him taken away to a bleak imprisonment. The fact that Emily first expressed concern about Howard’s whereabouts to Ian was received very poorly, but there’s definitely something about these people from different worlds interacting with versions of the people they know, forging bonds that might otherwise not exist. After all the intensity of this season, it was so jarring to hear Howard tell Peter “See you at the office, I guess,” and for Peter to return home to find Clare cooking him dinner, two spies just doing the best they can and going about their lives in a seemingly normal manner. I can’t wait for the season two I really hope will soon be announced.

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: J.K. Simmons

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