Sunday, April 15, 2018

What I’m Watching: Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces: Season 3, Episode 17 “Sitter Dating Sister Mattress” (B-)

Why Jen continues to allow Clementine to babysit Lark when she so blatantly makes up excuses to cancel at the last minute is a mystery since she’s a very practical person and someone who probably wouldn’t mind paying for the right person to take care of her child. Discovering something like shoe shopping (but for people) gave them an abundance of candidates, and of course they would get fixated on one who Greg nearly alienated by sending so many messages to apologize for and clarify his previous e-mails. Their dream choice seemed perfect, and you’d think that it could have been something a bit less extreme than believing in ghosts, or at least asking if Lark slept in the bed or levitated above it. Ryan won over Samantha’s parents very easily, and Heather tried to be cool by accepting the open nature of teenage relationships rather than break the news about his many girlfriends to her, which proved to be the wrong choice since all Samantha got from her parents’ prying questions was an opening to say she didn’t want to know about it as long as it didn’t involve her teachers. Matt having slept with Colleen’s half-sister should have been enough to ruin her chances as a surrogate, but somehow her having slept with Greg instead made it worse. Some of John’s antics are relentlessly annoying, and his inability to choose a mattress was one of those. I knew I recognized the overeager salesman, who was played by Zack Pearlman, who recently portrayed Neil on “Shameless.” Picking out your deathbed is an arduous task, but it’s also possible to buy a replacement even if the warranty is still valid.

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