Saturday, April 7, 2018

What I’m Watching: Legion (Season Premiere)

Legion: Season 2, Episode 1 “Chapter 9” (B)

I was so excited that this show, my favorite on the air last season, was returning for a second round. While there were some typically astonishing moments in this premiere, it was dominated more by its true irreverence and odd nature that make it a bit hard to love. The opening shot of Oliver and Lenny relaxing in the water inside the mind of Farouk, now played by Navid Negahban from “Homeland,” inside the body of Oliver in the bar was mesmerizing, and that whole concept is one that’s now going to dominate this season as Division 3 tries to stop Farouk from connecting his mind with his body, wherever it may be hidden. I knew I recognized Jon Hamm’s voice as the narrator, a very effective way to describe what the road to psychosis is like as presented on this show. The story of how Division 3 works, with the three separate units headed by our familiar characters, was an interesting one, and it creates a good structure for a show that tends to get distracted by dance numbers with its characters as they go deep within their minds to figure out if they can get back the memories that have been lost within the year that’s gone by since the end of the first season. I’m still a big fan of Cary and Kerry and how they work together, and the bond between Syd and David is compelling as ever. Clark having ice cream put in front of him as David was alleging his amnesia was a great moment, and I’m hoping for more like those in the episodes to come.

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