Tuesday, April 3, 2018

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace

Will and Grace: Season 9, Episode 15 “One Job” (B)

We’re already at the penultimate episode of this season, though we’ll have plenty more episodes to look forward to thanks to the success of this revival. The cliffhanger ending featuring Will accidentally suggesting to Grace’s father that he come stay with them after moving out of his house was indicative of where this show stands, and something tells me that’s a proposition that’s not going to come to fruition. Grace did trick Will into coming to Schenectady, and he was truly excited about going on a ski trip, concocting a future in which they could become “ski people” before they could even reach their fake destination. I’m a big fan of Mary McCormack and enjoyed seeing her as the vicious, hard-smoking Janet, with Sara Rue as Grace’s other sister Joyce. Pressuring Grace to talk to their father about selling the house led to some humorous revelations, including the Grace doesn’t fast on Yom Kippur (none of them do apparently), before Will chose not to take Grace’s side. Jack asking Drew to move in with him led to a relatively quick and peaceful breakup, despite some dramatics on his part, namely “No one has ever been as crushed as I am now,” which subsequently sent Jack reeling and straight to someone who, oddly enough, represents a stable marriage, to him: Karen. It’s always entertaining to see Alec Baldwin, who returned as Malcolm and most memorably put on pajamas that matched the hotel curtains so that he could hide from Jack and prove to be just as hard to find for Karen.

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