Friday, April 13, 2018

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 4, Episode 17 “Null and Annoyed” (B+)

Ralph has definitely grown as a character on this show since he first showed up, and he’s now a legitimate part of the team, one who values joke-telling over taking any situation seriously, something that has really begun irking Barry. Their latest bus meta had quite the cool power, able to levitate objects and people. Having a real getaway car in place so that she could force Barry to let her escape was clever, and of course it had to be Ralph with his unconventional improvisation who saved the day by cuffing her feet and inflating himself to cushion Barry’s landing. I suppose that she wasn’t likely to join them in their quest to defeat DeVoe, and therefore they just have to move on to the other two. It seems like they would have a likelier ally in Marlize, who realized that her husband had been drugging her and that she had previously recorded a video telling herself not to forget and to run. Let’s hope that she did something this time that will help her to remember and switch sides at just the right moment to help Team Flash secure a victory against their most formidable nemesis. As Harry gets more and more frustrated with his own thinking cap not working, he’s apparently up to something more sinister with Gideon where the original Wells used to inspect the future news. Breacher returning was a bit silly but an important lesson about getting old, and I’d really much rather just having Gypsy around full-time than have to put Cisco in the position of considering a move to a new and far less heroic line of work. I don’t know much about Jay and Silent Bob, but I did notice their cameo as the hapless security guards that Null made look even more stupid, a humorous and harmless enough guest spot.

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