Thursday, April 12, 2018

Round Two: The Crossing

The Crossing: Season 1, Episode 2 “A Shadow Out of Time” (B)

I honestly hadn’t expected to stick with this show past episode one, and this installment didn’t really push me either way as far as episode three and beyond are concerned. What this episode did right in its opening moments was to show events in 2187, which is the most appealing part of this episode. We can now understand how Reece deviated from her Apex programming to feel compassion for a baby that her fellow soldier was going to shoot, and then she went rogue after her assigned companion turned her in. Her love for this “common,” as humans are referred to in the future, who is afflicted with a disease engineered by Apex, encouraged her to apparently switch sides, though I can’t imagine the humans of that area would be okay with that. Lindauer is doing his best to keep a lid on the situation, being officially put in charge of these refugees and trying to keep his fellow Apex colleagues from taking action that will prove too decisive. What’s dragging this show down is Jude not knowing whether he can trust Reece and giving her a gun before locking her in so that she can’t hurt anyone. Nestor demanding a full report of “any erotic escapades” is the kind of thing that this show really doesn’t need, and I’d be much more interested in the details of how they found a way to “bend time” and why it is that their trip didn’t go as planned and spat them out in the middle of the water.

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