Sunday, April 22, 2018

What I’m Watching: Atlanta

Atlanta: Season 2, Episode 8 “Woods” (C)

I just don’t understand the purpose of some of this season’s episodes. This show is interesting enough for its portrayal of an up-and-coming artist who isn’t really into putting effort into what he does and getting excited about taking pictures with fans. For him to do that and to smile when someone came up and recognized him at the end of the ordeal that was this episode was big, but I found this half-hour to be just as aimless and peculiar as the one where Darius ended up at the scene of a murder-suicide, though less intriguing in general. It’s true that Earn is hardly the world’s most active manager, and some of what Ciara suggested Earn should be doing is fair. But she also revealed just how vain she is and how she is the type of person who is obsessed with her followers knowing what she does, famous for being famous rather than for actually doing anything. Leaving her at the pedicure to walk on his own was a bad idea, as what he thought were fans turned out to be muggers who he rather impressively fought off, resulting in him wandering through the woods being followed by an older man who just wants to talk and improve his life even though he has no interest whatsoever in being social. I’m sure there are some who are loving every episode of this show in year two, but with just three episodes left, I’m feeling pretty let down by this cultural phenomenon that’s already been cited as a frontrunner to win the Best Comedy Series Emmy. I’d much rather hear more about how Darius learned to cook pasta in a dream.

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