Monday, October 17, 2022

What I’m Watching: Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary: Season 2, Episode 4 “The Principal’s Office” (B+)

I did teach a class of fourth graders for a short time, and I can absolutely relate to Gregory’s eventual solution of making the top troublemaker feel like they get to be a part of the learning, even if my workaround wasn’t all that successful (preparing him for a test earlier than the other students since he purported to know everything). He should have known that Ava, who apparently has been making an effort not to sexually harrass him because she knows he doesn’t like it, wouldn’t be an effective principal in terms of being a disciplinarian, though she does manage to make Janine feel bad about herself pretty regularly. I like that he goes to Barbara for help with things, though in this case she did embarrass him by having Ava call him to the principal’s office for all the students to hear. Melissa trying to teach Janine how to cook for herself in a way that wasn’t nasally offensive to the other teachers resulted in Janine predictably interfering in a way that wasn’t welcome. Having Janine and Jacob at her house revealed a much less censored version of Melissa, and it was entertaining to see how much she and her sister didn’t get along and to learn the food-related reasons for their lingering rift. It didn’t much connect to the rest of the episode, but I enjoyed hearing Barbara sing every little part of a happy birthday song to her students, another little tidbit about her to go with her constant confusion of Black actors for their similarly-named white counterparts.

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