Monday, October 24, 2022

What I’m Watching: Home Economics

Home Economics: Season 3, Episode 5 “Live With Kelly and Ryan Hoodie, Complimentary” (B)

It’s always a gamble when shows feature real-life celebrities playing themselves, since it can often be over-the-top and unnecessary stunt casting that doesn’t add much to the series hosting them. In this case, Kelly and Ryan were merely there to experience and fuel the antics of the Hayworth clan. Connor and Marina got a little too into suggesting the kind of light ribbing that Kelly and Ryan might aim at Tom to settle him into the show, and then he ended up doing okay before both his coaches ended up getting pulled on air and truly embarrassing themselves. Marina expressing just how obsessed she was with Kelly was the most cringeworthy part, and this crew really needs to get its marketing strategy together. Causing a scene in an airport bookstore is one thing, but Tom forcing the cashier to refund the purchaser’s money since he didn’t deserve to read the book is hardly what they need to boost sales. I’m curious to see which person from Tom’s past has him in his sights following that thriller-like ending. Sarah and Denise staying back at Connor’s house while he was away didn’t seem like it could go all that wrong, especially considering Denise got the need to clean the place all by herself out of her system a while ago. Learning that Shamiah was pretending that Connor’s house was her own and that her family was very wealthy was most worthwhile for the way in which Sarah and Denise flailed when they tried to argue that they were breaking into a house that they well knew was not their own.

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