Tuesday, October 25, 2022

What I’m Watching: Atlanta

Atlanta: Season 4, Episode 7 “Snipe Hunt” (B+)

With only three episodes to go in this show’s run, it’s nice to see an installment that’s just straightforward and about two of the main characters spending time together. Technically, I guess it’s three, since Lottie was present too, though she didn’t have much interest in doing anything with her parents like having them sing happy birthday or just generally being in a good mood. Seeing her getting into the snipe hunt was a particularly entertaining and then horrifying subplot as she showed up with an apparently captured invented creature, which turned out to be a very much living snake. The most worthwhile part of the episode was the conversation that happened between Earn and Van, a fleeting concept that was felled by so much, whether it was her pretending to be someone else or them getting caught in an inescapable garage of horrors. Earn kept steering the conversation back to how he was planning to move to Los Angeles and she had yet to let him know if she was going to come or not, and she made the legitimate point about wanting to exist on her own as more than just Lottie’s mother. Comparing his response to Kanye feels less like a compliment now than it did when this episode aired, but it’s true that he was somewhat dramatic in his profession of love. The rain forcing them to leave the tent there said plenty about impermanence and plans needing to change, and the future still remains uncertain, even if this was a positive family experience that could be replicated again in the future.

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