Monday, October 31, 2022

What I’m Watching: Big Sky

Big Sky: Season 3, Episode 6 “The Bag and the Box” (B)

It’s interesting that this show continues to have Beau and Jenny off on cases of the week while Cassie very slowly looks into what’s going on at that camp as she’s cozying up to the son of two people we now know are willing to kill to keep their secrets buried. It is entertaining to see Beau hop on the hood of a classic car and marvel at a multimillion-dollar Mickle Mantle rookie card, but Avery not wanting Carla to bring her ex-husband into what’s going on is only serving to endanger everyone else there. That said, I’m pretty sure Avery is still involved in something, even if he’s not officially a bad guy. Though Donno is not my favorite character by any stretch, I did enjoy the dialogue exchanged between him and Walter, who was willing to let Paige in on all that he’s done to show her how far he would go to protect her. We also saw a level of previously untested commitment from Buck, who went ahead and stabbed Mary before Sunny could figure out a way to talk herself out of her latest lie that Mary was starting to realize didn’t make sense. Cormac was upfront with Cassie about wanting to be read in on everything, and it’s still not clear what he would be willing to do for the sake of his parents. As Cassie’s romance with Cormac heats up and Beau presses Jenny about dating cops, I’m starting to get confused since this season opened and it seemed like Cassie and Beau were going to be the item. Has everyone forgotten the fistfight that happened between Cassie and Jenny the last time they both went for the same man?

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