Monday, October 3, 2022

What I’m Watching: Kevin Can F**k Himself

Kevin Can F**k Himself: Season 2, Episode 6 “The Machine” (B+)

There are only two more episodes left after this, and it’s hard to know whether Allison is actually going to be able to go through with leaving or if she’s going to figure out a way to make staying work for her. Sam and Patty don’t want her to go but have come to terms with her determination and are therefore pushing her to do it, though it’s not clear that either solution is going to be good. Allison did see just how hard Kevin tried to set up his father and Diane and how that involved him putting in an effort to make Patty’s party a success just for that season, and Sam noted how Kevin was able to keep the diner afloat by reporting that he had slipped and fallen. I’m still curious if we’re ever going to have the opportunity to see Kevin in a non-laugh track setting, and whether he’s going to present as a viciously abusive and horrific human being, much more villainous than the inconsiderate waste of space that he is. As he continues to be ignored by his best friend, Neil is connecting much more closely with Diane, though she’s not ready to bring him into her life in a serious way since she does plan to stick it out with Chuck. It’s intriguing that Tammy believes Patty is involved in what happened but doesn’t know that Allison is too, unless telling her that she was worried about her was just a tactic to get in her head. There’s so much left to be resolved, and I’m hopeful that the last two episodes will be adequate enough to explore all of it.

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