Sunday, October 30, 2022

What I’m Watching: Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary: Season 2, Episode 6 “Candy Zombies” (B+)

I’m not always fond of Halloween episodes, but this one worked very well, playing to each of its characters’ predispositions and uniting them in an effort to stop the free-flowing distribution of candy that was keeping all the kids far too energized. It was fun to start with everyone’s Halloween costumes, with Gregory in particular having trouble with anyone correctly identifying that he was dressed up as Sully Sullenberger (superbly portrayed by Tom Hanks in the underrated “Sully”). Ashley and Melissa both dressing up as Scarlet Witch was an amusing lead-up to Ashley’s total incompetence that had her sitting guard with the candy and not paying enough attention to realize that it was all being taken without her noticing. Louis’ Baby Thanos being the menace was entertaining, though not quite as much as Chad going fully method to play the janitor and crack the case. Mr. Johnson did have fun with Jacob, tormenting him with stories of the Ghost Janitor. Ava stepping in to actually be helpful as Storm when she needed to get control of the kids was a great moment, and I also like Barbara’s descriptions of how her church shows only the edited parts of some very non-religious movies. Janine seeing the note with Amber’s number that she wanted her to pass to Gregory could have been bad for the relationship that still has yet to start between them, but it actually was a good conversation, and Janine was prompted to have plans with Erika, which could instill in her a newfound and very welcome sense of self-confidence.

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