Friday, October 21, 2022

What I’m Watching: Reboot

Reboot: Season 1, Episode 7 “Baskets” (B+)

Now that I’m paying attention to this show’s titles, I very much appreciate them, particularly this one. For all the hijinks that these characters get themselves into, Reed always seems to dive headfirst into unfortunate situations. Pretending to be good at basketball was a lie from the start, but then it was Zack who hadn’t clarified that his “boys” were just that, even though, in the first of many humorous Jewish jokes throughout the episode, all but one were technically men since they had already been Bar Mitzvahed. Reed got too boastful about being taller than the rest of them before they were taunting him with bizarrely accurate references to sitcoms much older than them, and then he had to go ahead and claim to be Goliath and elbow one of them in the face. Zack had a clever solution to get him out of trouble with the two girls who were filming him, and, for someone who doesn’t always seem so bright, was smart enough to make sure that they clear out the Recently Deleted folder also. Whoever comes up with the titles for Zack’s films deserves a prize - “Sabbath Night Fever” was just the latest and greatest one. Gordon and Hannah should really communicate more and not try to trap each other in miserable situations. Clay’s inability to loop his lines was quite frustrating, and it was nice to see Gordon try something uncharacteristically comforting to get him to finally deliver. Bree’s involvement in the writers’ room was definitely disruptive, though it did lead to a worthwhile dramatic moment between her and Selma. My favorite takeaway from this episode is that Alan does announcer work, something actor Fred Melamed definitely has done in the past and which he portrayed very well in “In a World.”

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