Monday, October 24, 2022

What I’m Watching: Big Sky

Big Sky: Season 3, Episode 5 “Flesh and Blood” (B-)

For all the people who tend to get killed in a violent manner on this show, most of the series regulars seem to be immune to any real harm, like Poppernak, whose abduction by a gang of murderous bank robbers never truly put him in danger. Beau and Jenny were already all set to laugh it off by telling him that he was going to have to be fired for poor policework despite the fact that he could easily have been killed numerous times throughout the ordeal. But everyone on this show, particularly law enforcement officials, tends to be very easily distracted. With Cassie focused on flirtation with Cormac, it looks like Jenny and Beau might ultimately get together. Focusing on a romance hopefully won’t keep Beau from checking in on his daughter and her very confident stepfather, who managed to reassure Carla and then went right at Luke to get answers out of him. I do believe that Sunny would choose Walter over Buck if the need to make that decision came, but for now Buck appears to be on board with her plans, while Cormac is leading Cassie closer to Walter as Buck thinks he’s taking care of the latest threat. Though Donno was typically unsubtle about his violent intentions, he and Tonya did manage to join up with the camp after it had already started, also not being subtle by paying double so that they could join the party late. Things are about to converge out in the woods, and I have a feeling that the only one who’s really a match for Walter is probably Donno, should their paths ever cross.

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