Wednesday, October 19, 2022

What I’m Watching: Ghosts

Ghosts: Season 2, Episode 3 “Jay’s Friends” (B+)

I’m all for any episode that puts Jay in the spotlight since he gets left out of so much due to his inability to see the ghosts. But he did have those people over right away and they made themselves quickly comfortable, to the point that they apparently had a signed contract which made them permanent residents, or at least for a trillion years. Flower’s excitement that it was a cult provided a good opportunity for her to give advice on how to break it up, which was made possible with Hetty’s convenient knowledge of specific details of Micah’s body that no one could have known without seeing him naked. Micah’s constant refrain of “it was a test” did manage to keep his followers in line, and there’s at least something more believable about that than the way that real-life conspiracy theorists insist on evidence for things that they’re never able to offer, suggestion instead that its nonexistence is proof of its very existence. I was hoping that, like with Pete’s wife, we’d get a chance to meet Flower’s brother to see what he was like, but I guess knowing that he’s alive and that he’s forgiven his sister is enough for now. Sasappis trying to tone down Pete’s cheeriness didn’t go well, and it was sweet that it all ended in a compliment after Pete dialed up the doom. My favorite part of the episode was Thorfinn providing the important correction that the characters on “Friends” actually lived in four plays since Ross lived on his own with the monkey.

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