Monday, October 3, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Patient

The Patient: Season 1, Episode 6 “Charlie” (B)

I am intrigued by this show’s strong emphasis on Judaism, though I do find myself wishing Alan was played by a Jewish actor rather than by Steve Carell, even if he does do a decent job of his Hebrew pronunciation. It’s funny that he mentioned the Kaddish since that’s something that is often recited for no reason by Jewish characters on TV and in movies in scenes where it feels appropriate, and I can see how someone for whom Judaism is a big part of their life might try to use that to help Sam relate to his victims. It’s a bit late for all that, and Sam is very unpredictable, which makes me think that he’s not going to just drop the body somewhere for the cops to find. Alan had obviously planned to write a note identifying his abductor with a message for his children to put in Elias’ mouth, but that feels like a very risky move that’s likely just going to get him into trouble since Sam might discover it while he’s moving the body. Hallucinating his own therapist may just be a cinematic device, but it’s also possibly just a good way of expressing how alone and hopeless Alan feels since it doesn’t seem like anyone is going to come looking for him anytime soon. Getting through to Sam is really his only option, but that also doesn’t appear to be going too well, especially given how little he seemed to feel anything when it took him quite a while to remove the tape from his victim’s eyes.

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