Monday, October 3, 2022

What I’m Watching: Reboot

Reboot: Season 1, Episode 4 “Girlfriends” (B+)

So much for anything staying secret on this show, though I’d imagine that Bree would rather wear her newfound lesbian experimentation - and just the fact that she had sex - as a badge of pride rather than something she’d rather not get around. Clay was initially uninterested in Reed’s story but then fascinated once he found out it was two women, but he also caused trouble yet again by telling Bree all about the reality show and how Timberly was known to be manipulative and duplicitous. Reed’s reaction to the news and Timberly having fun with that was entertaining, as was the lengthy discussion about just what scissoring meant in the writers’ room, which has quickly become one of the most inappropriate workplaces showcased on television. They have found a witty banter and a way to work together, and I appreciate the pacing of the jokes that do land better for audiences of this show than they sound like they will when they’re pitched for the show-within-a-show. Hannah deciding that she had to come out to her father did feel like it was somewhat out of left field, but he of course knew and didn’t care all that much, and she was happy to find out that he had been keeping tabs on her all those years. Zack bonding with Elaine was a nice subplot, with the person who is clearly the dumbest member of the cast showing that he’s good for something, and Elaine managing to impress her superiors by demonstrating that she’s not always serious and can be capable of having fun.

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