Thursday, October 13, 2022

What I’m Watching: Bad Sisters

Bad Sisters: Season 1, Episode 9 “Going Rogue” (B+)

I sincerely hope that we don’t have just one more episode left of this show, and there’s certainly still so much left to be sorted out. I was right that JP wasn’t dead even though Becka thought that was the case, but it was so much worse than that. Becka will surely be racked by guilt over killing Minna by accident, and that explains why she was at the bar and ended up sleeping with Matt, a development that’s now causing a much more significant strain between brothers than it is between sisters. JP just isn’t capable of leaving anything alone, and making Eva’s life at work hell was a step too far. He also doesn’t even try to hide his evilness, and Roger managed to figure out that he was the one who had posed as Oscar to get him in trouble. Telling Roger that he doesn’t get to forgive him since forgiveness trickles downwards was even crueler than most of what he’s done before, and now it’s looking a lot like he could be the one who ultimately killed him. The other top suspect is Ben, who didn’t seem to have any qualms about confronting JP and who, along with Ursual, was unaccounted for when the other three sisters arrived at the cottage to have Grace tell them JP was finally dead. In the present, it was fascinating to see Theresa take initiative to try to help her husband, though now she may be in very bad shape, and Thomas will be feeling especially vindictive if anything happens to her and he’s able to take out his pain on the Garvey sisters.

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