Thursday, October 27, 2022

What I’m Watching: Avenue 5

Avenue 5: Season 2, Episode 3 “Is It a Good Dot?” (B+)

Featuring so many scenes from the show-within-a-show is entertaining, but it’s also true the regular goings-on out in space are so absurd they don’t need parodying. Hailing the Storm Falcon was an interesting opportunity to get a much-needed new perspective, but it probably would have been smart for someone - theoretically Iris, if she had been up there - to do at least a little bit of research into what the ship was that turned out to be quite easy to dig up. The way in which they did find out was of course quite entertaining, with Ryan’s laugh-when-I-tell-you approach failing pretty miserably. Other great moments from that interaction were Matt trying to coach Rav on small talk, Matt inciting a rebellion by pointing out how Johanna controlled everyone, and Judd trying to stay relevant from the other end of the table. Billie’s softness around dogs also became something horrible as she realized what it was that Johanna loved so much about the animals. Using Lyle in a ball to fix the eel tanks was successful, but what a messy process that was. And though he almost convinced Judd but not Frank of the ways of cannibalism, Nathan did manage to stay on board, which is going to be an issue even if he seems like a nice guy. I love that the episode ended with Iris’ return and the tools for the eel tank that she had brought. Now she’s the one who will have to keep the secret about the Earth running out of lithium and Avenue 5 actually being a much safer place to be than the home planet they all desperately want to see again.

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