Tuesday, October 18, 2022

What I’m Watching: Big Sky

Big Sky: Season 3, Episode 4 “Carrion Comfort” (B-)

Beau didn’t seem to be too concerned about the revelation regarding Jenny’s mom, but that’s also going to have to wait for another episode since this one had a contained and rather creepy standalone subplot. I recognized Aaron Staton immediately from his role on “Mad Men” and figured that Scott was likelier to have a bigger role than just as a business partner being interviewed for a moment, and he still didn’t have many more lines like that but did make a memorable and haunting impression. I was excited to see Angelique Cabral from “Life in Pieces” and “Undone” as Carla, Beau’s ex-wife, and to see how argumentative she was from the start, which frustrated Beau and amused Jenny. Going hiking with Cassie is a great way for Cormac to keep an eye on her, but they also seem to be dialing up the flirting, and it’s hard to know how protective Cormac will be of his mother given how she’s clearly chosen her other son over her current husband. It’s also not clear what Paige is doing with Walter and if he’s really the villain in that situation at all. I did appreciate the connectivity of some of the show’s other threads, like Tonya and Donno being approached to get back into their extralegal business and their first targets being none other than Paige and Luke. That and them working with Virginia, fully aware that she’s Jenny’s mom, assure that they’ll continue to be a thorn in Jenny’s side as she knows that they’re not playing by the book but can’t quite prove how.

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