Thursday, October 27, 2022

What I’m Watching: House of the Dragon (Season Finale)

House of the Dragon: Season 1, Episode 10 “The Black Queen” (B+)

So much bloodshed would be spared if people actually bothered to talk to each other, but that’s not the way things work in this show’s universe. Alicent should have realized the consequences of what she was doing in honoring what she thought were her dying husband’s final wishes, yet she didn’t communicate to Rhaenyra how much she valued their friendship other than to send a distant reminder of what they once had. And even Aemond, who is now going to be blamed for antagonizing his cousin before a death that he didn’t actually cause, much as it seems like he would have gladly done it. Rhaenyra didn’t even know her father was dead, and she was reticent to even go to war while Daemon was already organizing battalions all over the place to ensure victory. Otto’s attitude isn’t helping anything, but I suppose he needs to toe the line and establish dominance. This final sets up an intense second season where there will be no trace left of whatever friendship once existed between two warring rulers both intent on their sons being the ones to inherit the kingdom. It’s hardly just a problem of House Targaryen not knowing who’s in charge, and I’m sure we’ll see plenty of suffering and death as a result of a conflict involving dragons whose young riders aren’t even able to control them. I’ve been impressed with this show so far and look forward to its return in season two and what I’m sure will be many other seasons after that.

Season grade: A-
Season MVPs: Milly Alcock as Younger Rhaenyra and Paddy Considine as Viserys

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