Saturday, October 15, 2022

What I’m Watching: Avenue 5 (Season Premiere)

Avenue 5: Season 2, Episode 1 “No One Wants an Argument About Reality” (B+)

I’m very happy that this show is finally back since I had worried that it was a casualty of the pandemic despite being renewed, and I only knew that it was definitely returning when I had the chance to speak with actor Josh Gad a few months ago. I had forgotten just how fantastically written this show was, with all its characters rattling off lines that get taken by others in the absolute wrong way, and how that doesn’t stop them from continuing to do that, no matter the potential impact of letting slip that the ship was, for instance, of course by nearly a decade. Those feigning ignorance aren’t helping matters at all, particularly Judd, who continues to insist that he knows nothing so that he won’t be complicit despite being the owner of the ship. Frank, whose cooking show is quite absurd, was also trying to keep Karen from leaving even though no one knew the truth just yet, and of course it was the suddenly-improved comms that had Iris spilling the beans loudly to Judd since she didn’t bother to ask if he was alone when she blurted out just how off-course they were. Ryan was too busy flirting with his apparently married female friend to get to the business of taking accountability for fear of becoming the main course of the next buffet, as he put it, and Rav isn’t doing a great job of staying sane now that she’s officially on board the ship. The takeover back on Earth is ominous, though maybe someone who knows what they’re doing can actually get them back earlier, provided there aren’t further mishaps deep in space.

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